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Café Style Shutters

Easy to Manage - Ideal for Businesses

Café style shutters go halfway up the window, leaving the top of your window clear for the sun to easily stream into your house.

Advantages of Café Style Shutters

Natural Light - Increased Privacy

You can relax in privacy, not feeling overlooked by nearby houses or people walking past your home, while still benefitting from the natural light, beaming in through the windows above the café style indoor window shutters.

Easy to Clean

For anyone who has previously had shutters or blinds before, will know the struggles of cleaning the tops of them. While cleaning the bottom of the blinds and shutters is quick and easy, cleaning the tops can be a struggle unless you are tall. This is why café window shutters are so much easier, taking away the struggles of reaching up on your tiptoes or having to go get a stall to clean the large window shutters.

More Hygienic Option Compared to Curtains & Drapes

In addition to café style window shutters being easy to clean, they are a much more hygienic option compared to curtains and drapes, due to the fact that they don't collect as much dust and you don't run the risk of dust mites living in them.

Give Smart & Tidy Complexion

Whether you are installing shutters for your house or you business, these café style plantation shutters will give any place a smart and tidy complexion.

Café Shutters are Ideal for Businesses

Due to the name, you would expect café window shutters to be used in restaurants and café's, as they prevent people from being overlooked while they are eating, while not blocking the natural light from the shop, along with giving your cafe or restaurant a beautiful and tidy look.

Café Shutters as Pet Barriers

For anyone who is worried if they leave a window open, their pets will try to escape, then you will no longer have to worry with café style interior shutters: you can leave your windows open while keeping the shutters closed and your pet won't be able to escape through.

Bespoke Café Style Shutters - Supply and Installation

All of our Café Style Shutters are made to measure and you can choose from a variety of different woods and colours.

Here at Essex Window Shutters, our customers always come first and we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our made to measure window shutters.

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