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Tier on Tier Shutters

A Popular Option for Bay Windows

Tier on tier shutters are when two sets of plantation shutters are installed, one above the other.

This design is extremely beneficial for big windows and a popular option for bay window shutters. This is due to the extra privacy and light control that you receive.

Advantages of Two Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters Provide Complete Light Control

You will have complete light control especially since the top and bottom window shutters are separate, meaning they can have different light control settings, or you can leave one set of shutters folded away while the others remain open.

Enkoy your Privacy by Leaving the Top Shutters Open

Just because you may want privacy while at home, does not mean you have to shut out all light from your house. The advantage of tier on tier interior shutters is that while the bottom shutters are closed, you can leave the top shutters open which means anyone who walks past your home can't look in.

Also, if you angle the window shutters correctly, people won't be able to look in your home, but you can still look out.

Tier on Tier Shutters as Soundproofing Barrier

Indoor plantation shutters can also serve as an extra soundproofing barrier from outside noise when both the windows and shutters are closed.

Tier on Tier Shutters Save you Money on Heating

Window interior shutters are also an extra layer of insulation. When they are closed, they help to keep the warm air in the house during winter, saving you money on heating.

No More Worries of Animals Escaping

For anyone who has pets, leaving your windows open will no longer be a problem, as you can keep the window shutters closed, while adjusting the panels so that the light and air can still come into your home, with no worries of animals escaping.

More Hygienic Option Compared to Curtains & Drapes

Interior window shutters are known for being a much more hygienic option in comparison to curtains and drapes, since they collect less dust (while being easy to clean) and you won't run the risk of dust mites living in them.

Tier on Tier Shutters Give a Light & Airy Appearance

These tier on tier window shutters gives any location a smart, light and airy appearance, whether they are installed at home or in a shop.

Bespoke Tier on Tier Shutters - Supply and Installation

Wooden Plantation shutters are known for being a home investment as they are a permanent fixture to the house. Not only will your home go up in value by installing these tier on tier plantation shutters, but they also look smart for any potential buyers.

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