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Full Height Shutters

Block Out Noise & Light - Increase Privacy

Full height interior window shutters is one of the simplest designs while also being the most effective window shutter choice.

Full height shutters cover the full length of the window and there are many advantages of full height shutters, as listed below.

What are the Benefits of Full Height Window Shutters

Do Full Height Shutters Add Value?

Installing good quality interior window shutters, is a home investment and can increase the value of your property as they are a permanent fixture. They look smart, giving any potential buyers a great first impression of your home, especially since this is an asset that not all houses have.

Do Full Height Shutters Block Out Light?

Light control is a great advantage with full height plantation shutters (otherwise known as California shutters). You have much more control on how much light enters your home with the tilt rod on the back, unlike you originally had with curtains and drapes.

Do Full Height Shutters Block Out Noise?

When the window shutters are closed, they provide your house with an extra sound barrier so that the outside noise that enters your house is reduced.

Do Full Height Shutters Keep Heat?

During those chilly winter seasons, by keeping the windows and shutters closed, this provides your house with an extra layer of insulation so that the hot air can stay inside the house, helping you save money.

Full Height Shutters Help Air Circulation

Although full height window shutters can be used to insulate your house, they can also be used to help air circulation during the summer, by keeping the windows open while the shutters are in use, meaning that the cool summer air can still enter your home.

Full Height Shutters are Environmentally Friendly

Due to not needing to use air conditioning during summer and heating during winter not only are you saving money, but you are also being environmentally friendly by installing plantation shutters.

Full Height Shutters Provide Privacy

Internal window shutters are great at providing your house with privacy, by simply adjusting your shutters correctly, you can still see outside while no one will be able to see inside your home.

Bespoke Full Height Shutters: Supply and Installation

All of our wooden window shutters are made to measure and you can choose from a variety of different woods and colours.

Here at Essex Window Shutters, our customers always come first and we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our made to measure window shutters.

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