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Full Height Shutters with Mid Rail in Essex

Privacy & Light Control

A lot of full height shutters come with a mid rail, which provides your shutters with many advantages along with improving on the total appearance of the window shutters.

Purpose of the Mid Rail on Full Height Shutters

The purpose of having full height window shutters with a mid rail, is because large window shutters can be quite heavy, so the mid rail provides the window shutter with extra strength to prevent it from warping or bending, keeping it looking as good as new.

Clean Design & Neat Finishing Touch

Often, mid rails are built either in the centre of the wooden window shutter or near the top of the wooden shutters, to line up with the horizontal window glazing bar, which is usually around 3/4 of the way up the window. Meanwhile, the mid rail will help to hide any window handles, providing the shutters with a much cleaner and neater finishing touch.

Benefits of the Mid Rail Shutters

The advantages of having a mid rail on your full height plantation shutters, it that you can adjust the top and the bottom shutters differently. For instance, if the sun is getting in your eyes, you can close the top shutters while leaving the bottom ones open so that you can still look outside the house.

Added Sense of Privacy

There is also that added sense of privacy with these shutters, so should you want to stop people from looking inside your home, you can close the bottom shutters, while leaving the top ones open if you still want the sun shining into your house.

Light Control - Quick & Easy to Clean

Through installing full height shutters with a rail, you get maximum light control - much more than you would with simple full height window shutters and without a doubt, much more control than you would ever get by having curtains and drapes in your room. There is also the other advantage that they are quick and easy to clean! Just quickly wipe over them with a cloth and your job is done.

Choose Your Style

With all of our window shutters, our customers get to choose from a selection of wood and colours, so that your window shutters can blend in with the style of your home.

Here at Lifestyle Shutters & Blinds, our customers always come first and we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our made to measure window shutters.

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